Friday, January 20, 2017

No pardon

Life could be very interesting for the Beast over the next few years. The acrid stench of her crimes is strong, and this high level of criminality cries out for justice, but will Trump's Justice Department go for her?

Friday Open Road

They thought they were royalty, but they're unemployed this afternoon

Outstanding! First family arrives, and first salute given.

Well adjusted, happy, and fecund.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Miss Reagan

Pardon me, please.

Who really should need a pardon.

Hillary? Mumia?

I'm sure Bill Ayers, who should also be in prison, has sent his boy Obama a list of who gets a pardon.

The world, and especially the Hildabeast, wait with great expectation.

The Main Stream Media slobbers all over Obama

The Lightbringer leaves, the media mourns, their nightmare (and our champion) arrives to rock their pathetic little world.

Meanwhile, Biden tries to find the White House door.