Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trip to Nevada

Mrs. CW, me and the youngest daughter took off on a whim to visit a yarn shop Mrs. CW likes in Minden, Nevada.   That was the excuse, and we did buy some yarn for future projects, but the real fun was the drive over Carson Pass and into the great state of Nevada.

Still some snow over the top, but a whole lot has melted at middle elevations  This is at Silver Lake, and virtually the whole reservoir is still frozen over, as is Caples Lake a bit further up the road.

This marmot wasn't frozen at all.  He was out sunning on the rocks and visiting curiously with folks who stopped.

After the yarn splurge, it was over to JT's Basque restaurant for roast lamb and Picon Punches.  Yum!

On the way back through Washoe Valley, the daughter leaned out the truck's window and took a few images.
A big tree in the middle of a lush pasture with the Sierra behind.

The range jumps up precipitously here, looking like a wall of rock and snow.

Weird, on the way over the top, there was a stretch of highway 88 that was smoking like a volcano.  I suspect it got wet from the melting snow and then heated by the sun, causing the fog.  Strange in the middle of the day.

I also had the chance to fill the truck's tank with sweet, delicious Nevada gas, which is significantly less expensive than the California alternative.  I love the small gesture of cheating Jerry Brown and the Democrats of a tiny bit of tax revenue.  Nevada seems an eden of freedom in comparison.

Cabin/Aspen Porn

That's a lot of birdseye.

Black panthers have spots, but you can only see them with an infrared camera

Or, when the light is just right.  That is one luxurious pelt.

Something Dad might like

Ooh, burn!

The MV Hamnavoe ferry digs it's bow into heavy seas while traversing the Pentland Firth